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  Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Card?

Call us at (608)835-3168 or use after hours numbers below:

To report our Debit Cards lost or stolen call 1-800-528-2273

To report our Credit Cards lost or stolen call 1-800-325-3678 



It seems like every other month there is a data breach at a large retailer.  It can be confusing and a bit scary for the average card user.  If your information was part of a breach the first thing you should do is vigilantly watch your account and check for unauthorized or fraudulent charges. You should contact the bank immediately if unfamiliar charges appear on your account.  Meanwhile, we are working behind the scenes to make sure you are protected.  The large retailers contact banks with lists of possibly compromised cards.  If your card number appears on one of these lists, the first thing we will do is order you a new card.  As long as your card has not had any fraudulent charges we will keep it open until you receive the replacement card.  In addition, we send you a letter to let you know that your card number has possibly been compromised and that a new card is on the way.  At this point we will be happy to close your card upon your request.  When your new card arrives you should call Oregon Community Bank and speak to one of our Personal Bankers.  The Personal Banker will activate your card and set your PIN.  Please be prepared to provide personally identifying information.  In addition please see below for some suggestions on ways to help keep your personal and financial information safe. 

  • Be sure to use unique passwords for all financial online accounts. Never share or duplicate usage of your password, account number, PIN or answers to security questions.
  • Monitor all of your financial accounts and report any suspicious activity, such as false or multiple charges, to Oregon Community Bank & Trust immediately.
  • Do not save credit or debit card, banking account or routing numbers, or other financial information, on your computer, phone or tablet.
  • Be vigilant about using a password on mobile devices. Be sure to set your devices to automatically lock after a selected period of time to ensure no one can access your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Do not provide your secure financial information over the phone or Internet if you are unsure of who is asking for it. Contact Oregon Community Bank & Trust directly by phone, send us a secure message within our online banking site, or stop in to speak with someone in person. Remember, Oregon Community Bank & Trust will never contact or text you asking for personal or banking information. Assume any unsolicited text, email, or phone request is fraudulent.

Be aware of the location of your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) at all times. Only log on financial websites when you have a secure, safe and trusted Internet connection.  Never access your financial data on a public WIFI network.

Please click here for more information.  As always, thank you for your business.


Tips to Protect Yourself from ATM Skimmers

With confirmed cases of ATM skimming on the rise, it's more important than ever that consumers know how to protect themselves from this fraud technique. ATM skimmers are devices that criminals add to a legitimate ATM in order to obtain unsuspecting consumers' debit card information. The thieves then use this information to create fake debit cards out of non-activated gift cards or to make purchases online.  The good news is there are ways to defend your account information from these illegal devices. Read on for tips on how to protect your money.

Be Vigilant
When using any card reader - including ATMs and pay-at-the-pump stations - especially ones that you're unfamiliar with, watch for unusual marks, scratches, or loose pieces of equipment. Be on the lookout for colors that don't match the rest of the display. For example, if the entire machine is silver with blue accents, but the card slot is red and white, it could be an indicator that the slot is actually a skimming device. Criminals often target high-traffic ATMs for skimming, so use extra caution in tourist hot spots and when using ATMs located outdoors (out of sight locations make it easier to tamper with the device). For ATMs that you use frequently, watch carefully for any changes to the machine, such as new keypads or displays, as they may indicate that the ATM has been tampered with.

Protect Your PIN
On some skimming devices, a tiny camera is used to record consumers' PIN numbers when they enter them into the ATM. The best way to prevent that from happening is to use your free hand to cover the keypad as you enter your PIN. Also, it's important to update your PIN number regularly. Contact your bank and they'll help you make this simply change to better protect your funds.

Monitor Your Accounts
Finally, be sure that you regularly check your account balances and monitor the usage of your accounts. It can be helpful to sign up for alerts (such as a low balance SMS alert or a large dollar amount transaction alert) and watch for suspicious transactions or unusual withdrawals. If you're only checking your bank account once a month when you receive your statement, your money is at risk.

If you suspect an ATM has been tampered with, contact the ATM's owner immediately. If you think you have used a compromised ATM, contact your bank and ask what your options are. They may flag your account for closer monitoring until you can confirm that your data is safe, or they might help you change your PIN to increase the security on your debit card.




In our busy lives today convenience and speed are key.  Checkbooks are cumbersome to carry and it takes extra time to write out a check and have it verified by the cashier.  In addition, many people pay bills and make purchases electronically using the internet.  As a result, consumers are writing fewer checks and using their debit cards more.  At Oregon Community Bank and Trust we are happy to provide our customers with debit cards, but we want to remind our customers that a debit card is a privilege and as such there is some responsibility involved in owning and using a debit card.

In recent months there has been a substantial increase in debit card fraud.  Much of the fraud has been caused by criminal activity unrelated to misuse of the card.  However, there are incidences of debit card fraud that could have been avoided if proper security guidelines had been followed. Oregon Community Bank and Trust customers are not liable for debit card fraud as long as the loss of the card and/or fraudulent transactions are reported in a timely manner. Once a debit card transaction has been “authorized”, which means the merchant has communicated with the ATM/debit card network and gotten an approval, (which is just a verification of a sufficient balance), it cannot be reversed except in rare circumstances.  Unfortunately, the funds involved in fraudulent transactions are seldom recovered.  It is up to the issuing financial institution to absorb the costs associated with debit card fraud.  This leads to higher fees for all banking customers. Please keep in mind that if fraud occurs due to misuse of the card, the bank reserves the right to refuse replacement of the card.

 In an effort to keep our customers’ cards secure and bank fees to a minimum we ask that you follow the below guidelines when using your debit card:

  • Keep your card in a secure place at all times and notify the bank immediately if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Never let anyone else use your card or PIN, do not write your PIN on the card.
  • Avoid using your debit card online.  Use a credit card or a direct debit to your checking account (sometimes referred to as an online check).  Credit card transactions and checking account transactions can be reversed in the case of fraud and you have greater legal protection if goods are defective or don’t arrive.
  • Don’t use your debit card to purchase items from infomercials or 800 number television ads.  These types of merchants are known for double billing and enrolling customers in subscription services that are only noted in very fine print.
  • Do not use your debit card for online payment services.  Use your checking account number or a credit card.
  • Notify the bank immediately if you notice transactions on your account that you don’t recognize.  We can help you to verify the charges and we can close the card immediately to eliminate further fraud if necessary.

If you are traveling out of the area please let us know.  We can note travel dates and locations on your card record in order to avoid any disruption in your use of the card.

The USA PATRIOT Act requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account or changes an existing account.