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Daniel Behrend

“Feel Good Banking to me means in anything I do…I want to improve my client’s situation.” - Dan

Daniel Behrend

Daniel P. Behrend

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


Dan is the right person to keep Oregon Community Bank financially strong. A strong community bank = strong community growth. Plus, Dan has the expertise behind his CFO role with 32 years of banking experience at Oregon Community Bank and two degrees from UW-Madison. He’s experienced the ups and downs in the financial world. He brings that valuable experience to his clients and employees. The folks at the Madison Family Wellness Community Clinic know Dan as their President, but also as someone who cares about people and the community. And speaking of ups and downs…Dan has more 80 species of day lilies popping up in his home garden. Watch out Better Homes and Gardens — our bet is on Dan.